Susie Asado

Curtain Raiser

A round stage with a carpet that has white polka dots. The stage mantled by a red velvet rurtain. The Devil is in the details at slow club in Freiburg. Marcus, the sound man walks us around the building right before the show so we can enter from the back of the stage. So we can be behind the curtain and wait for the gong that signals the curtain raiser. Yes curtain raiser. I belive this is our first one. Red velvet awkwardly and glamorously pulled to the side to reveal a small audience and from the perspective of the audience, to reveal us: dressed in black and white in our starship enterprise outfits to fit the white polka dots. And so we meet in that moment of the curtain being pulled aside. I love this effect of surprise. Of a proper stage, of a proper curtain raiser. I feel like we are in a Woody Allen movie. There are even parents in the audience. Alicja’s parents. There should always be parents in the audience. Especially in Woody Allen movies. So we are off to a good start and this single curtain raiser stays with us throughout the show. I would like to take this stage with us whereever we go. The curtain and the raiser. The parents too. Now we are sitting in the upstairs band apartment. Here everything is red and white stripes. We are busy typing away at computers sending out messages and composing thoughts. Very industrious. This is my hello. My conclusion of the day: there should always be a curtain raiser.