Susie Asado

Last Stop Leipzig

It is the last day of tour. I am not sure how this happened. But it did. Here it is. I am sitting at Franz Melhose in Erfurt where we got to spend the night and it is a misty day outside. I am a little bit sleepy, but determined to write a little. Hello. Our adventures have been wonderful. I would like to rave about Ravensburg. Now I know where it got its name. Not only is this a beautiful town with towers and lovely houses, but it is also where Ravensburger Spiele, the German game company produces all its board games and puzzles. This might also explain some things about the playful nature of its people. We played at Mäkinen, a kind of secret community space. A living room reserved for special occasions. Inviting and cozy and with the best kind of audience. Funny and playful, they make us all giddy and strange moves and I try not to trip over anything on the lovely small stage. Ariel eggs me on with her awesome voice and we bounce back and forth and I try not to fall apart laughing. I can’t believe how quickly Mathias has learned everything and smoothly lays down all bass and guitar parts as if he has been on tour with us for months. The best is when he plays bass and melodica at the same time at the end of “Monstera Deliciosa.” A proper acrobatic move. Oh. The next morning we go to the Ravensburger Museum to learn a bit about the board games and puzzles. Part of my wants to just get Malefitz and Scotland Yard and run off and play for days. But our journey takes us to Ampfing to the house of the Klien family. We eat too much food, meet the people from the neighborhood, play songs and eat more food. A proper music loving home. The next morning we end up going to a bath near Munich with slides and sulphur tubs that Ariel calls “old man soup.” It feels amazing to move, to be in water, to pretend fish for a while and forget the autobahn under my ass. Ariel and I wear matching bikinis. We are turning into quite the pair. At the end of our time at the swimming pool paradise I rest under a cloud with red warming lamps and feel like I am drifting off into all kinds of cloud dreams. Oh clouds. We do manage to go back to the autobahn. Mathias drives us through bavarian traffic jams to Nürnberg where we play at the elegant and arty Galerie Bernsteinzimmer. So wonderful. Another tour high-light. It feels like the perfect Susie space. I have a sweet memory of playing there in the December of 2011 and it is awesome to get to come back and play there again. Returning to venues is a bit like coming home. A bit of familiar on tour. Like staying at Franz Melhose in Erfurt. And now we are off to Leipzig, our last stop before Berlin. Tomorrow our CD Release party at Ackerstadtpalast. I am so excited. Whuiiiiiiiiiiiii!