Susie Asado

Pellworm – Hannover – Köln

We would have liked to stay in Pellworm. Get to know the dramatic movement of the water. Walk out with the tide. Watch the amazing cloud formations. Bathe in electric fall light. Learn Plattdeutsch. Visit lots of straw-roofed houses. And play more air guitar with our host’s kids Levin and Thede. Our show at Schipperhuus was so friendly and warm. We got to play two sets, so lots of songs. Schipperhuus is all Titanic pictures and sailor memorabilia. Loving details in all corners and cracks. A stack of games we didn’t get to play. I got nostalgic every moment. Wanting to draw them out. Stay a little while. Walk by the water. Visit the sheep. In the morning when I looked out of the window the sky was all red. A misty morning. We kept debating weather to take a later fairy, but I kept seeing the exclamation marks in the tour book to be sure to take the 9:40 fairy because of the tide. Because we are on tour after all and there is another show. There is Hannover and Karsten and all the sweet people of Oberdeck. So we took the fairy and visited some sheep on the other side of the water. Walked along the dykes. Jumped around all the sheep shit and then were back in the car to drive to Hannover. Hannover received us in all the lovely Hannover ways. There is something reassuring about coming back to places we have played before. The homey bench in front of Oberdeck. And the unbelievably mild balmy air. We sit outside and exchange stories. The evening continues familiar, cozy and playful. The show goes well even though I lose some words along the way. It is intense playing to an audience that is so close and attentive. Then Köln. Alice Rose opens for us at Die Wohngemeinschaft. She is all ballroom dress wrapped in security tape. She is funny moves and “mind the gap” and precise glances. I feel underdressed following her, but enjoy the lively atmosphere she leaves the room with. It is this kind of atmosphere that makes a good show. The audience bubbly and responsive. The attention, but also the energy. We transform into a Susie mega trio and enjoy all the sounds and details. After the show we sit out on the street in the strange unseasonably warm October air. It is Saturday night and there is a bustle of people drinking little beers. A man comes over and demands a cigarette, but fast. Another man hands us a cup of delicious ice-cream that we happily eat. Here we are in Köln and the city is all around us.