Susie Asado


Yesterday I went postering with my friend Jakob Dobers. He is one of my favorite Berlin songwriters. Brilliant, smart, funny and a great dancer. He has also been altering the streets of Berlin by mounting posters of many of the independently organized Berlin shows. I’ve often seen him pulling a cart of posters, bucket of sticky paste in hand. He knows all the spots on the main strips and the windows and walls of bars where posters can be hung. He knows the importance of posters too. He’s played a zillion poorly promoted shows and a zillion well promoted shows and knows the job of letting people know abut events, especially events on the fringes of programming, is paramount. So yesterday I got to add my posters to Jakob’s batch of posters and walk some Berlin streets visiting his favorite spots. Playing shows the last 12 years has made me acutely attentive to flyers and posters and I’ve often attended shows, readings and events that I found out about by reading the altering landscape of city walls. Sometimes it feels like secret messages left just for me. Or a reminder, not to forget about a certain shows. When I come home from travels I am relieved to see so much postering in Berlin that is not mainstream advertising. That is not bought space. Where I know a band walked these streets, or a Jakob walked these streets leaving messages for events you might not even find out abut otherwise. Berlin is still a city where the messages on the walls will lead you to new experiences and new friends. Of course many of these messages get taken down or pasted over, sometimes even within hours, so there is a kind of fluidity, there is chance and your best bet is to just pay attention. I love the music video “Posters” by Jeffrey and Jack Lewis. It is a story many bands know. You poster all day. Next day your posters are gone. Then you play in an empty club in front of two hard-core fans who are probably your friends or relatives. When you are not part of the sanctioned main stream machinery, where huge money takes up huge space, you sometimes feel on this Sisyphean mission that is probably stupid and in vain. But, when you are part of the language of the walls of your city by paying attention to the language of the walls of your city, things grand and mysterious will reveal themselves. I truly believe this. Anyways, just in case you didn’t see one of our posters that Jakob and I put up yesterday, on Monday the 6th of June Susie Asado will play with Martha Rose at the classy Roter Salon. We will sing songs. We will tell stories. We will make something you will not find elseplace. Hope to see you there.