Susie Asado

Suddenly: the new album!

Suddenly trees are green. Suddenly there is an album at the printers. Suddenly here I am back from a trip to Canada and the States and I haven’t said a word about it. Hello! There is so much to write home about, you being my home. Last you heard from me we were just laying down tracks. It all seemed impossible to finish an album that was barely written in January and now it is done. Mixed, mastered and at the printers. There are even photos and a couple of videos. Because of this blur of events I am a little exhausted. And yes, proud. I can’t wait to share all the details of what we have made. There will be a release date announced very soon and a timeline and then at the end of the year we will go on tour. The new songs are catchy and weird and I feel like I have finally grown into this Susie Asado chanteuse. It is funny setting out to do something with no idea where it will lead. And then there are plans and adventures and growing and suddenly I look in the mirror and I see this grown up lady with gray hair, knowing smiles and electric blue eyes. There is also a voice that sings me; I’ve learned to let her do her thing. Sometimes all she wants to do is watch TV. Lately she has taken up watercolors. Sometimes she keeps the neighbors up all night. Sorry neighbors! Anyways, please write me or Sebastian from Paper and Iron Booking if you want to be part of our release tour. It will be very special. It will be in December. I will have my double AA with me (Ariel and Alicja) and we will sing cool lady harmonies and bring our bass pedals, percussion, violin, clarinet, bass, ukulele and guitars. For the tour we are teaming up with the duo version of The Burning Hell from Canada which Ariel is also a part of. This is an epic double bill not to be missed. Ok, this is it for now. Did I write you the name of the album? It is called “State of Undress”. Seriously. And yes, there will be some undressing, so stay tuned. Don’t miss a thing!