Susie Asado

Last night we drove through a midnight fog to the outskirts of Opole. Roman from the Opole Songwriter Festival drove ahead of us and Berlin’s Sorry Gilberto behind us. A caravan of red flickering lights. Everything appeared too close and too far away. This sense of being in the thick of it. Only a few meters ahead of you visible. No sense of the future, no sense of the past. We arrive at a country mansion. Pehaps even a kind of castle. We unload and stumble to our rooms. We fall a sleep. We snore, we dream, we wake up. Still fog. The colorful trees strangely luminious. Fogy luminous. The misty air smells woody and earthy. The mansion we stayed in right in the middle of a beautiful garden which seems to continue through some rolling hills. I would have liked to stay and explore, but we keep to our tour fog. We pile into the car. We drive to a roadside restaurant and eat perogies and watch truckers eat their morning soup. In our tour bubble fog, this seems to be a proper polish Sunday morning. The place and the people very real. I hold onto this short moment as we keep driving through the fog. We are on the way to Budapest. We have already driven through Czech Republic and are now driving through Slovakia. We have bought the respective vignettes to use the local highways. We watch the languages on the signs change. Trees are trees and roads are mostly roads. The first three shows are behind us. Alicja translated us through all awkwardness of being in a foreign country. I wish we spoke Hungarian, spoke Czech. I wish we were prepared for all countries. Could wink and play between the borders, could properly flirt and order food and ask all the necessary questions. Touring certainly always makes me want to learn languages. To feel less in the tour fog bubble. In the fog everything feels fragmented. The sun has come out. Flickers through the trees. I think hypnosis. I think strobe. I think seizures. We are listening to music in our bubble. Today was going to be the longest drive covering the longest distance and the most countries in a day. It actually feels like the shortest drive so far and we will arrive with time to spare, perhaps eat some local food and watch the light change over the Danube.

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