Susie Asado

Time to Report

Time to report. Sitting on a red cozy chair in the Apartment in Biel where we will play tonight. Ariel and I are thinking about food. We can smell lovely food. So that hasn’t changed. We are changed though. You can’t have adventures without them changing you. Our nails are painted. Mine electric blue and Ariel’s black. Remnants of last nights Halloween concert in Alpiersbach. We played at a charming community movie theater that is inside an ancient monastery. The monastery being a bit creepy, as old structures with bats and dark hallways and secret passageways can be. But the movie theater Subiaco, was not creepy at all. A warm community of cinephiles running it. Before the show we went to a lady cafe in town, marveled at all the cute houses by the stream that goes through town, charming old ladies with amazing hairdos, and a glass blower making a wine glass. Again an unseasonably warm sunny day and we get down to our shirts and sit on top a hill gobbling up sun hoping that our bodies have figured out how to store this light somewhere to be used later on a gloomy day. It is Halloween. Ariel dresses up as a cat and I dress up as an electric blue ocean Susie Asado. I even paint my toe nails electric blue which looks cool and scary. We have a lovely show and then spend the night right at the foot of the foggy black forest which feels appropriate for Halloween. Tour has been going swimmingly so far except for one night after our Düsseldorf show where we couldn’t find parking and then finally arrived at the hostel realizing I had misplaced the keys somewhere. Eventually we did find the key in the car which was parked pretty far away . . . so the obstacle of entering our place of sleep was not quite as dramatic as we suddenly feared. That has been the extent of drama. Now we are in Switzerland. We crossed a border today. The houses look charming and inviting. We are sitting inside one of them. A top-floor apartment with a crooked roof and white painted brick walls. We have already moved in with all our little tour things and curious how the evening will unfold. So goes my report for now. Hello from our adventure!