Susie Asado

Tour Blur

Tour blur is happening now. Everything so fast, a kind of roller coaster of packing unpacking arriving departing plugging cables, eating food, thinking about food and talking about food. In Zürich now. It seems to be cooling down and I wonder if I will finally have a use for the warm things at the bottom of my bag I have been schlepping around. It is November after all. There have been so many lovely nights I want to share some high lights. A cozy top-floor apartment in Biel that had lovely little plastic figures tucked between the bricks of the wall. A house show, that didn’t miss any details, even had perfect stage lights and a cat face with antlers above the stage. The next day we had a lovely walk along the hills of Biel and down to the lake and Ariel and I were transfixed by the waves. We would like to be by the water at all times. Oh water. I keep thinking people live like this. They can just hike along a ridge by their house and end up at a windy lake-front where seagulls hover in mid-air. After our walk we could have gone back to sleep or eaten more food, but we drove to Geneva to our next adventure. Our evening at Bibarium felt a bit like a secret basement show. A kind of speak-easy below room. We got fed tasty colorful food and were excited to play to the little dark room being smothered by stage lights and the warm sounds that occasionally bounced back during songs. We have decided we really like stage lights. There was lovely conversation and we would have liked to stay and learn more about this city and the sweet people we met. Oh. It is strange packing up just after arriving. We drove to Zürich in a blur. So happy to meet Mathias there fresh off the airplane from Canada and ready to rehearse instantly. Clearly this man is made for touring. Our afternoon show at Kafi für Dich turned a bit into a family affair of parents and friends and children and dogs. By the time I had sold the last CD I was a little overwhelmed from it all even though I couldn’t wish for anything sweeter. Now we are about to drive to Ravensburg. We will take a fairy across the Boden See. Anything just to take a fairy boat. Water boat seagulls wind. Wushhhhhh