Susie Asado

Tour-sleep and Tour-food

Oh Offenbach. Oh Hafen 2. How I love cranes, water ways, harbors, and the wind that blows around them. Clouds. Everything dramatic here. At the new Hafen 2, the old one being up stream, there there are again, the geese and the sheep and the general sense that all is well. We have a trailer as back stage and I get to live my fantasy of belonging to a traveling circus. We arrive hungry as always and get fed lovely colorful food. My brother Philipp joins us for sound-check and we are excited about out afternoon shows. My sister and her three kids turn up and we eat all the backstage food. More food. I feel like on tour much of what I think about is food. Like right now I am thinking about where to find a good lunch in Düsseldorf. It feels terrible to think so much about food. Especially when the car is filled with snacks. But there is something about tour and not really knowing when the next yummy warm meal will turn up, that puts me on edge about food and sets a hungry hamstering mood. Our show at Hafen 2 was wonderful and family style. Having been born on the banks of the river Main, I feel right at home here and then having my siblings around makes for a perfect tour day. That night we take Marko to the train station. This is as far as he goes with us. It is sad to part ways. Feels like after the first 6 shows we have melted into a perfect trio. And with this strange feeling of having left someone behind we go over our friend Boohoo’s house and watch Woody Allen’s “Sweet and Lowdown”. I love watching Sean Penn play all this fake guitar and I feel like I have been each of those girl friends at some point. Oh. At night we back track to the harbor, the dark along the Main, the old Hafen 2. I try not to have any Mac the Knife fantasies. But inside the band apartment I slumber off to a good tour-sleep. Tour-sleep like tour-food being essential. Now after a sweet show in Essen and more good tour-food and tour-sleep we had the shortest drive of our tour to Düsseldorf. The sun is shining and we have checked into our tour-sleep-station of the day. Ariel has found a place to eat lunch (more thoughts about food) and I am contemplating laundry. So things are on tour.