Susie Asado


Wanted to send a message from the depths of my Winterschlaf. My winter-sleep, my state of hibernation. Of course I am not sleeping. At least not all of the time. There are plans brooding and songs taking shape. There is a plan to record at the end of February. You can see me with a butterfly net jumping around trying to catch some of the ideas that are flying around my room. There is little distraction. There is no sun. Berlin is still in its gloomy depths. I am trying to do my Susie job and pull songs out of my mouth, my guitar. I am listening to low hums and the tick tock of the tail from my kitchen kit cat clock. Some days are easier than others. New songs seem rough and frail and bad in ways; they don’t stand up to the tour-weathered songs that have accompanied me for years. If it weren’t for Ariel, Alicja and Marko helping me sound out the details, I would just give up on these baby chicks. But they are growing and there are choreographies and melodies that are ear worming through my day. Earworm is German for a tune that gets stuck in your head. Ok, back to plans. Plans are to make a new album. Ok, I said it, it’s official. It will come out sometime in the late summer. That’s how it goes with albums. They take time. And then at the end of the year we will pack up the car and come visit you. Please write us if you would like to be part of that plan. We would like you to be part of that plan. I will try and do my best to post as other brooding plans take shape. For now, I hope you are all having a lovely winter. Snow sun and songs. Your Susie.